Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Battlestar Galactica..Could it be the most "real" show on T.V,?

What a strange premise huh? That Battlestar Galactica could be more real then a non science fiction show.

Galactica, which beams into our living rooms each Friday at 10pm has got to be the surprise hit of the past few years. Lets face it the original show had some good episodes and had some of the highest ratings for any television show in history (65 million viewers tuned in for some episodes) but it was never taken seriously. The original show never delved too deeply into the human condition and with only one real season it never had the time.

The writing on this new version of the show is dead on in this post 9/11 world. A surprise attack by religious zealots, freedom in the face of extreme adversity, opportunism, greed, lust....Its all there. Unlike Star Trek, which takes the view that if we ever got to such an advanced state of technology our species would evolve along with it, Galactica makes no such assumptions. Basically if you took 50,000 of us and put us into space you would have what they are showing us each week. That notion is totally refreshing and it looks far more like what you would expect the future to look like for humanity. All the human emotions, all our weaknesses, all our failings. They are all there for you to see and it makes you really want to root for them.

The notion that we would create an artificial species who would want to look like us and be closer to God then we are is a remarkable notion. Then to make them want to exterminate us for rejecting God is even more remarkable. Ron Moore has taken Galactica right out of the headlines and wrapped it up in Sci Fi clothing. Suicide bombings, the patriot act, the battle between civilian vs military authority, religious fundamentalism and more. Its all there and what makes it great is that the show does not preach, it justs presents what's going on and leaves you to decide what it all means in the larger scheme.

Look at all the junk on TV these days. Does anybody really think shows like the OC or desperate housewives, or most of the rest of the dramas on TV these days have any resemblance to the way things really are? Sure its more real in that it takes place on Earth but are those characters real? I certainly do not think so. You have to go to HBO or the wonderful show "24" to find the same kind of reality that Galactica serves up each week.

The show is current, meaningful, compelling and fun to watch. I know I can not wait for Fridays nights. To hell with TiVo I want to see it first run :)

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