Monday, July 18, 2005

The Follies of Fox "News" or How I learned to Love the Bomb

As I was just channel surfing today I stopped by that... "Fair and Balanced" channel they call Fox News.

It never ceases to amaze me how this network gets away with being talking point central for the Bush administration and the Republican party in general. Its so obvious and blatant that its laughable given the lofty slogan "fair and balanced"

Today while the rest of the media is trying to get to the bottom of leakgate and trying to find out what role the administration had in the leak all you have to do to find out what the republican party is thinking on the issue is to watch Fox "news" for 5 minutes.

In the brief moments I have watched them over the last few days they focus very little on the issue that the grand jury is looking at, which is did a government official leak the name of a covert CIA operative to the media. They have spent a lot of time though bashing Joseph Wilson though. A few minutes of Fox "news" and you would think the guy is the biggest lowlife around. So its clear the politics of personal destruction is alive and well in Washington. The message has always been to not get in the way of this administration or they will roll you over. This time around a grand jury and a special prosecutor is what's keeping that strategy from being effective.

You can also learn from watching Fox that the Democratic party was behind the whole thing, or that the CIA operative leaked her own name, or that it was reporters who did all the leaking. I was laughing out loud listening to this venom being thrown around with obvious glee by the credible "journalists" who work for Fox.

After that report the Fox "journalist" asked a Dem Senator in the next piece if it was easier for Bush to nominate a woman for the Supreme Court because it would be harder for Democrats to demonize a woman. With that wonderful unbiased question I switched back to a real news network to actually learn about what was happening in the world today.....

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