Friday, July 22, 2005

Iraq Debacle...We Broke It We Own It

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell warned President Bush before we invaded Iraq that if we break it we "own it".

What bothers me is the notion put forth by some fringe democrats that we should just pack our bags and leave Iraq to its fate. They advance this notion with parts anger and glee. Anger at Bush for the war, anger at the administration for its policies and glee at the obvious quagmire that Bush has gotten us into.

Leaving Iraq to its fate would surely be a defeat for Bush and probably would hurt Republican election chances going forward but is it ethical to propose such a step? With the country in a state of Chaos, with the bombings on the rise, with a deadly insurgency boiling over. What would happen to the Iraqi citizens if we just abandoned them? Civil war would surely follow and mass death that makes what is going on now look tame by comparison.

Some of those folks arguing for us to leave have some noble reasons. (Politics or revenge are not among those reasons) Some want us to leave because of the terrible toll on our young people fighting there or take the view that if we leave the killings will lessen. While we are suffering a terrible toll in the lives of our young people, we as a country took this action knowing full well that this might happen. In the leadup to invasion I was arguing that invasion could cause civil war, and a terrorist buildup in the region. I take no pleasure in being right but that's not a good reason to abandon these people now.

Fact is we OWE it to the Iraqi people to leave them in better condition then when we found them. We have to train the Iraqi security forces to be able to keep their own house in order, no matter how long it takes. That's the minimal standards of decency that we owe to them. Do you think the average Iraqi would understand that some Democrats want to cut and run just because they are against Bush? Its not logical or ethical and its a sore bone of contention I have with some of my fellow Democrats.

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TheGolem said...

After 911, everything changed. Saddam Hussein threatened to use weapons of mass destruction and he has had them. We can now say in retrospect that it was a bad call. But now that we are there and George Bush upset the balance of power in the region; and Iran has been the greatest benefactor of this war, how do we leave?

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