Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sadness for Robert Novak

Sounds strange huh? A left leaning blogger expressing sadness for a conservative icon? Well yes and let me explain

Before I went to law school I met Novak in New York City where I was attending a conference on the law and politics. At the time I did not really know if I would go to law school. Novak was on the panel and afterwards he spoke to a few of us about Iran-Contra. After the others left it was just us and we proceeded to go to a bar not far from his Hotel and have a drink. Well we wound up having several and he explained to me the ins and outs of journalism and politics. I sat there wide eyed the whole time listening to this fountain of knowledge talk to me about elections he covered dating back to the Truman years.

He told me to Go to law school and to make a difference no matter what my politics left or right. He told me its not being on the left or the right that's important, those are just silly labels. Being involved is what counts, getting involved and staying involved matters most.

His words stayed with me long after we parted ways and on my law school graduation years later he sent me a nice gift with some kind words.

Novak is a genuine person and I hate more then anything to see such a long and storied career tarnished by one long, hot summer. It pains me to think he may be remembered for walking off the set and for the scandal that caused him to lose his cool.

I just hope that his image does not suffer too much this affair and I wish him well

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