Monday, September 05, 2005

America's Dirty Little Secret Is Out For All To See Now

I was talking to a friend in India today. People there are shocked by what they are seeing on TV. The media in this country, the entertainment industry, madison ave.....all of them. They promote the idea that everybody here is doing just great. People never have to face some of the awful truths that they would have to face in a country like India for example. Then disasters like this strike and the truth is laid bare for all to see.

We never see the poor in this country except when there is a disaster, and even then its more like media rubber-necking at the scene of a bad accident. Now everybody can see the poor, how they live, and what happens to them when something goes wrong. I think it has been a rude awakening to many people all over the world about the true situation in this country and the exposing of the simple truth.

That we are not special, we are not all swimming in oceans of gold and we are a super-power in name only. People have been saying over and over "this should not happen here" well why not? We treat the poor like dirt, make them live like animals all while telling them to take advantage of what society has to offer. I can only hope that this tragedy opens the eyes of the public to what really goes on around here.

There is a great article about the media response to this crisis in general at the BBC. Maybe times will change and we will get back the independent and aggressive media we really need in this country? Only time will tell

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