Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Miers...The Ultimate Stealth Nominee?

Harriet E. Miers

Is that a name that should strike fear into the hearts of partisans? Could be, but which side? After more than 4 years of speculation and millions of dollars raised by special interests to fight over who would replace O'Conner, this is what we get. Its the ultimate anti-climax in more ways then can be listed in the time I have to write this.

So far the opposition researchers are hard at work on both ends of the spectrum trying to dig up some dirt, or some headlines, and anything that can help with fundraising. So far they seem to have come up with very little. I have read she is strongly pro life and strongly pro gay rights. Huh???

What in the world would motivate Bush to make a pick like this? At first glance its shocking but if you sit back and dwell on it for even a little it makes sense. This President runs a very very insular administration. Loyalty is rewarded and the inner circle is small. Cronyism has always been part of the culture of White House politics since the days of old but this administration seems to take it to new heights. Even after the failure of FEMA put the spotlight on it they came right back with another Crony appointment to run Customs. So this should come as no surprise I guess. This president is rewarding his friend with a lifetime appointment and considering who she is replacing its the most important appointment Bush will ever make.

Now having said all that its not like he picked some nobody off of the street either. This is an impressive woman to be sure. First female head of a major law firm in Texas, first female head of the Texas Bar. For any lawyer those are major accomplishments, but in Texas? Doubly so as Texas has not always stood out as the bastion of women's rights. She would also enter the court as the only non judge. As far as I am concerned that's exactly what the court needs, a real lawyer-not some judge who tailors their opinions to look good in the law school texts. We have enough of that already to be sure.

So I guess we will have to wait for the current Supreme Court Term to end before we start to get a feel for this new Court. Don't think you will learn much from the hearings, as they seem to be more about the Senators stroking their tremendous egos and less about the nominee.

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