Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sweeping Away the Filth

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep....

Anybody else out there who feels like its time for the proverbial broom to sweep away the greedy folks who sit in the "lofty" halls of Congress these days? Certainly there have been periods in history where there has been tremendous graft. The major difference is that most of us never knew about it.

We live in an era of the 24/7 news cycle and tremendous technology in the service of the people trying to dig up the dirt. Combine that with the greed that currently prevails in Washington, and you have a perfect storm of corruption.

To add to the list of indictments, investigations and other ethically challenged behavior going on, now we have "Duke". This guy, a congressman from CA, has been on the take for years...Yes thats years....Like just about all the other investigations going on right now its connected to Lobbying. What a great and noble profession that has become. No longer around to try to get lawmakers to enact legislation important to their clients, today its mostly about lining their own pockets. Bribery, financial scams, nothing is beyond what these people will try. The fact that a large majority of Lobbyists are lawyers, sickens me. One more black stain on a profession that already has enough problems.

2006 mid-terms can not come fast enough. We need a broom to get rid of the current crop of corrupt politicians. We then need to reign in these greedy lobbyists so the next crop has less to worry about.

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