Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter Weekend! Hope you all have a great holiday..

I am sure everybody is noticing the price of gas again climbing to prices unheard of in the history of this country. Its slowly becoming worse then even 1974. That crisis was of a political nature, and an embargo caused supply to go down, prices to go up and long long lines of cars waiting to buy gas at the lucky stations that could still get supply. Now there are no lines, no supply problems of that nature and the yet the price of gas keeps going up. Every little bit of bad news of any kind out of an oil producer and the price rises. Nobody is talking much about low supplies so it leads me to believe that there is price gouging going on. Will the gov step in and take any action? Doubtful....

I am glad at this time I own no stock in Ford or even worse, GM. They bet so heavily on the SUV that it might cost GM everything. Hard to believe, but at one time GM was the most powerful American company. Now they are a shadow of their former selves. Its a shame actually, but it shows that no company is invulnerable. Microsoft should take some lessons from this affair, but to their credit they have been trying to diversify over the past few years like their entry into the console market.

I have read many articles of late about Brazil. They really have done it right with their "flex" car and truck engines that run on either ethanol or gas, your choice what you want to fill it up with. This makes any national transition much easier. For such a large and industrialized nation, they project that within a few years they will be 100% energy independent. Meaning they will not need to import even one drop of oil. Most of the fuel that goes into their cars is made from a simple substance grown in nature, Sugar. Hard to believe, but yes Brazil is probably decades ahead of us when it comes to energy.

Anyway, enough about the gas prices except to point you to a website that I am sure will get more and more popular over time. Its called Gasbuddy and the idea behind it is people report the prices of gas at local gas stations in your area to the website. Then people can go to the site and compare prices in their area to find the station with the cheapest price. Its free of course (for now)