Saturday, May 06, 2006

The absurdity of the Government is astounding!

Secure Pass....Sounds very........Secure no?

Well this little story highlights the Gov in all its usual intelligence. In this case the Gov is the State of New York.

Secure Pass is an ID card that lets attorney's and other "qualified" people go into the Courts around the State of New York without having to go through the metal detector. My ID card expired in September of 05, and needing a new one now that I am working in Court again, I went to renew it.

Up to the seventh floor of that miserable building in the Bronx called Bronx Housing Court. Ask about getting a new ID from a Court Officer. I wait in a non descript entry way for a few minutes, with not even a chair around to sit on. Out comes the Officer with my form to fill out. "Hold on", she says. "You need to give me your old ID before I can give you a new one". So I give it to her and off I go. As I left I felt something was wrong with giving it up, but could not figure out why I felt like that.

Once home I fill it out and check the "renewal" box, because this is not a first time application. It says on the back that I need two picture ID's. Not a problem I think to myself because the first time I applied I used the same two ID's that I plan on using this time. My New York State drivers license and my gym membership ID. There was no problem then, so it should be fine right?

So back into that miserable building to the seventh floor I find myself a few days later waiting again in the entry way. The Court officer comes back and tells me my application is no good. "Huh?" says I. "Well your 2nd picture ID needs to be a government or employee ID". "Well my employer has no such ID, and as for 2nd Gov ID, you TOOK MY OLD SECURE PASS A FEW DAYS AGO when you gave me my application". "They destroyed that when we gave you the application", he says dryly. One last thing to try so I explain to him that these ID's were the same ones I used last time, since this is a renewal. "Sorry, the lieutenant won't take them"

Its funny too, this is how much of the engine of Gov works. There is always somebody on a power trip, or sticking to the letter of the rules no matter how absurd they may be. That those morons destroyed the ID that I could have used only 2 days prior made me even more angry. So now I am most likely forced to spend $120 on a passport and wait 6 weeks for it to be processed.

Just wonderful! Thanks New York!