Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rove back to his old tricks

Bush and Rove are at it again. I guess they think what worked once before should work again right? Lets try to use Gay marriage as the key to victory once more. Of course in 2004 Bush's poll numbers were not tanked as they are now. Also in 2004 there were less Republican Congressmen and lobby scum in shackles. Now for the 2006 elections lets see if the Gay marriage issue can bring the zombies to the polls one more time. Forget about the wars we are fighting and currently losing, forget social security, high fuel prices, broken health care, sky high debt, global warming, lower wages, immigration.....The list of REAL issues is endless but nooooooo. To get the zombies to the polls you can't let them think about the state of the nation, so you must mention symbolic issues they can wrap their little brains around.