Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NY Mets Chaos

I guess the Mets need to take PR lessons on how to fire people. The way they handled the Willie Randolph situation shows a profound tone deafness when it comes to PR issues. They let this issue simmer for more then a week and then let the guy fly to the west coast only to announce his firing at 3:18am EST?

How unprofessional can you get? The night of his last game Willie is throwing batting practice while the assistant GM is seen huddling with Willie's replacement? What a classless act by the Mets.

I realize that Met fans have not been happy with Willie of late, but the team is one game under .500 with more then half the season to go. The team has talent and a good road trip will bring them back home over .500

They could have waited till at least then. Having said that this team has shown very little life up to this point. They have obviously not recovered from their historic 2007 collapse. Maybe this will light the fire? It could, but it could also have the opposite effect with the team going into a rebuilding mindset. If they continue to perform at a below .500 pace then trade Delgado first. Hopefully he will be gone by the trading deadline, and ship out Heilman with him. Oliver Perez is 5-4 with a 4.98 ERA in 14 starts this year so he can go as well.

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